Here a quick update from last week of February 2021

Covid still around 👎


Namecheap has free WHOIS Privacy but to use they API you have to manage around 20 domains in your account or minimum 50usd in your account balance. If you contact the support and say your are just a developer hosting your personal domain or project you may receive access to the API without follow that rules, but in order to use the API you are going to need to assign a static IP address to the IP whitelist. So if you are running a Github actions like me to manage your DNS registers it will not work. More about namecheap API restrictions

Free WHOIS Privacy using use the coupon code PRIVACYPLEASE, more details This is actually from Sat 20th

NTF, pleae are getting crazy

[Video] Old but gold, Pair Programming

Pair programming video

One more thing 27th Feb Happy Bday to me!